The core activity of the company is currently focused on developing the following two products:

  • Online media streaming via WebRTC technology.

It allows to create a website with video chat rooms to provide educational, healthcare, legal, consulting, and entertainment services.

The following key tasks are solved within this project:

  • video and audio broadcasting in real time with the shortest possible delay;
  • media stream distribution and server scaling;
  • maintaining load with a large number of streamers and website visitors;
  • usability.

Experience in developing and managing online streaming services since 2007.

  • Gambling platform for the Casino management.

Entirely independent software that allows to manage the Casino affiliate network.

The following key tasks are solved within this project:

  • analysis of behavioral information on gamblers and creation of the enhanced gambling mechanisms;
  • development of video slot games;
  • development of the system for managing casino gambling rooms;
  • development of the slot machine control software.

Experience in developing software for the gambling industry since 2016.

15 years of experience in software development allows us to solve any kind of problems!