The selection of technology and programming language depends on the goals and objectives.
In most cases, our goal is to create a software product as quickly, cheap, and reliable as possible, as well as to make it scalable, easily supported, convenient, and of high quality. The desired features of software products influence the selection of methods, tools and ways of their development.

A set of technologies has been formed in our practice, which we use in software development.
These technologies allow to efficiently achieve the ultimate goals of the project.

Technologies and our practice of applying them

We use the following to develop web apps:

  • pure PHP bundled with the required libraries;
  • client JavaScript, HTML and, of course, CSS/Sass;
  • ะก/C++ to create modules and server utilities;
  • Apache and Nginx web servers;
  • MySQL/MariaDB databases;
  • Linux OS.

We use the following to develop cross-platform desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and MacOS, as well as to create mobile apps for Android and iOS:

  • Qt framework /C++/QML/JavaScript/.

Using Qt allows to create a software product quickly and make it basically platform independent. Qt allows to reduce the cost of developing apps for various operating systems and hardware platforms significantly.

The proper technology choice significantly reduces risks and the cost of development and subsequent operation of the software product!